concrete price

  • The Ready Mix Concrete Bayswater company located in Baysweter specializes in the production and transport of concrete. In our concrete plant's offer you will find dry, cast, floor and structural concrete, along with transport. We employ qualified employees with many years of experience in the industry and we have professional equipment for Concrete Delivery Bayswater and Concrete Pump Bayswater, including volumetric trucks, concrete pumps, dump trucks, so we can provide comprehensive service and competitive prices. We are a dynamically operating dry, cast, structural and ready-mixed concrete plant. At every stage of the production process, we stick to applicable standards and use the latest technological solutions, so we can offer our clients concrete of the highest quality.

  • Ready Mix Concrete Bayswater also has regular concrete on every construction site. It is used for building foundations in single-family housing, erecting basement walls or building ceilings. We offer the most commonly used concrete compressive strength classes, but lower and higher classes are also used. For example, concrete with lower strength classes is used for building elements where high strengths are not necessary (e.g. concrete sleepers for floors on the ground, underlay for foundation footings, etc.), moreover - the use of a higher class than required may lead to difficulties in the further stages of construction (e.g. during installation of the sewage system in the building, the high class Concrete Bayswater applied on the undercoat will definitely hinder the implementation of the necessary shoes).

  • Ready Mix Concrete Bayswater offers Concrete Delivery Bayswater. Concrete can be transported to the built-in site with concrete mixers from the plant or you can collect it yourself. When transporting from a concrete plant, the minimum amount of one-time load is 7.0 m3, for smaller orders, an additional charge for incomplete load will be added. Roads on which heavy goods vehicles can travel must lead to Concrete Delivery Bayswater. If the concrete is to be unloaded using a pump, the unloading site must be properly prepared (space, hardened surface) to allow the pump to be set up

  • Ready Mix Concrete Bayswater offers the Concrete Pump Bayswater service. Pumping concrete involves mechanically delivering the screed wherever it is impossible to drive up with a concrete mixer. A concrete pump proves to be particularly necessary in the upper floors, as well as in the construction of complex buildings. Thanks to it, material transport to a specific place is much faster. In addition, the danger to which workers who would transport concrete to a certain place would be exposed is eliminated. Depending on the application, stationary pumps are available, pumps moving with the help of caterpillars, which not only pump concrete, but also mix it at the same time.


  • Ready Mix Concrete Bayswater manufactures concrete in any quantity quickly, cheaply and reliably. Our offer includes:

    - ready-mixed concrete of all strength classes.

    - cement-stabilized sands and gravels,

    - road concrete

    - bridge concrete

    - floor concrete

    - mortars

    We produce various classes of concrete using a modern concrete plant. We flexibly adapt to the needs of our clients by producing concrete that will work on every construction site. We are proud of every investment in which we can participate. In practice, the use of particular classes of concrete is conditioned by a specification defined by the designer and verified by the construction manager. According to the order - we offer polymer admixtures or steel fibers for a specific type of concrete.